"It is in the interstice that we find healing."


Interstice is about tiny spaces. It only takes a little gap - in our routines, control, or perspective - to turn even the most colossal of circumstances around. It is about letting go of the tight seal that we create around the world we keep inside and breaking it open to let healing take place.


The collection will be composed of 40 unique pieces to define the many things that we tend to keep inside, our unique emotions that we keep in check for the sake of the world around us. But it is in exploring these one by one that we learn about ourselves most. Women in particular are held to a higher standard when it comes to the  expressing of emotions, but I believe that it this is a perceived weakness that can be turned into power.


Private Sale: Feb 21,2022 (Discord)

Public Sale: Feb 23, 2022

8 PM PHT / 12 NN UTC

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